Bryce Canyon Memories

All I remember about Bryce Canyon National Park is how beautiful and strange and daunting the landscape was. A two hour tour of Bryce doesn’t really qualify me to say anything about it. But we had bitten off too many miles for our week in Utah so a quick view was all I got. Just remember that if you include Zion and/or Bryce in your itinerary along with the Moab spots, you are in for a lot of driving. Even if it is on the beautiful Utah Hwy 12, a road I hope to enjoy again soon.

So, we had a quick stop enroute to Kodachrome State Park that day. Weather was warm but beautiful for mid-September, and the bike/hike trail from the Bryce Visitors Center to the lookout was great. From there a short hike up a steep hill and there it was. Bryce Canyon. It haunts me as I cycle through my memories of all the beautiful spots we enjoyed that week.

Bryce Canyon Overlook on a beautiful September day. (Click to enlarge)

Standing at the rim enjoying the beautiful vista, I didn’t really know what to think. It was simply awe inspiring, like so many of our National Parks.

So fast-forward till I am home a week or 2 later and as I look through my photos I see a trail winding through the canyon. How did I miss that? Guess I was blinded by the gorgeous panorama before me. I am sure it is one of many, and as I sit here I realize that I have to return to Bryce. I have to get down into that strange landscape and see it up close. See the views from within, as the sun fills in after sunrise. Experience the heat and bright light of mid-day. And so and so…I continue to ponder Bryce Canyon…and Utah.

Hiking trail in Bryce Canyon (Click to enlarge)

This link will lead you to some great photos and information about Bryce. I hope you enjoy it.


And here is the link to the Bryce Canyon National Park Site.

Visit Utah. And give yourself plenty of time!

A Rainy Wintery Day

Lots of rain in San Francisco. And snow in the Sierras. Happy New Year. We found a nice spot to sit through a leisurely lunch, even though it took some wet walking. Pelted with rain. But BART works good. Wonderful soul food at Brenda’s, and a great place to enjoy a  stormy day.


Brenda’s French Soul Food. Nice menu, great food.


Taking care of business at Brenda’s.

Oakland West

Oakland West. Open air, after the trip under the Bay.