Ruth Asawa 1926 – 2013

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During one of my first visits to the deYoung Museum in 2007 I came across the work of Ruth Asawa. Displayed in a stark setting, with nothing but bare concrete walls and good lighting, I was instantly captivated by the shapes and shadows. To me it would be impossible to pass by these works without wanting to capture at least 1 image! A souvenir to remember the remarkable creativity of Ruth Asawa. Born in California, she had many influences throughout her life, including internment as a Japanese-American. But none defined her life more than her beautiful work!

Since my first experience, I never visit the deYoung without stopping to see her beautiful work. Thank you Ruth Asawa!

11 Year old wins 1st Round Tennis Match at $25,000 Heritage Bank Championships

Katie Volynets!

11 Year old Katie Volynets of Walnut Creek California congratulates her first round opponent at the Heritage Bank of Commerce $25,000 Tennis Championship at Moraga Country Club on 7 August 2013. Volynets, a nationally ranked player, beat the 2nd seed in two sets.



Heritage Bank of Commerce Tennis, Moraga Aug 6-11th

Come out and see some great tennis this week at Moraga Country Club. Men & Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles during the $25,000 Heritage Bank of Commerce Championships. Admission is free and court-side seats are available!

Try the Night Sessions on Thursday night and enjoy the barbecue dinner and drinks while you watch tennis!

See more photos here:


Heritage Heritage 2

Stamford Connecticut


Beehive of activity. I-95 running through it, and the traffic will drive you insane! But a melting pot and a very genteel melting pot at that!

Restaurants, nightlife, businesses galore…surrounded by lovely neighborhoods with churches aplenty!

Golf, tennis, boating! It’s all there. And plenty more I am sure.

Leave the car at home and ride the Metro-North to Manhattan. A good connection!

But Connecticut it is…and I mean beautiful Fairfield County! Drive Rte 106 to New Canaan and you’ll see how beautiful it can be. Or drift up towards the Merritt Parkway then wander towards Greenwich. And you’ll see how beautiful it can be! But downtown Stamford will never be far away, and it has much to offer!

Ahhh, Connecticut in summertime! They say summer is short and the weather can be bad in winter…but I can’t imagine it!

The Day the Sea Lions were Released

December 13 2011

I happened to be in the Marin Headlands with my friend Christina and we decided to stop in at the Marine Mammal Center. How lucky we were to learn they would be releasing two sea lions back to the wild that day! The sea lions had been suffering from a bacterial infection but were now recovered!

So, not only a beautiful sunny December day in Sausalito enjoying the coast, but the opportunity to see these sea lions return to their natural habitat!

I hope you enjoy my photos.

Marine Mammal Center Fauna Marin California
13 December 2011 – Two sea lions celebrate their return to their native habitat after recovering from illness at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito California!
Marine Mammal Center Fauna Marin California Seasons Greetings
Marine Mammal Center volunteers releasing sea lions back to the sea!
Marine Mammal Center Fauna Marin California
Plywood shields are used to guide the sea lions and also for protection, if needed!
Marine Mammal Center Fauna Marin California
Back to the sea…at last!

Beware the Roller Derby Lady of Union Square!

Today was the second time I saw the Roller Derby lady of Union Square in downtown San Francisco. She skates backwards, at quite a good speed, around Union Square threading her way past pedestrians, and seems to do 10-20 laps from what I have seen! Counter-clockwise…not that it matters! I don’t know if she has hit anyone yet but it seems it is just a matter of time before she does!

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Kalo Pasca

Today is Easter Sunday in Greece! Athens is a ghost town during Easter because whenever possible, Greeks return to their Island or to their Village for this biggest holiday of the year! We had the pleasure of spending two Easters on the nearby island of Poros to enjoy the holiday with our friend Dina and her large family.

Poros, with the Peloponnese across the way.

From the candle light processions around the village and to the church on Saturday night, followed by the traditional midnight meal of a soup called magiritsa to prepare the stomach for the Easter feast, it is quite an event!

By mid day on Sunday the cooking is well underway and finally in mid afternoon it is time for dinner! Spanakopita, tyro pita (cheese pie), traditional mezes of tzatziki, melitsanosalada (eggplant), tyrokefteri (spicy cheese dip) and taramasalata (fish roe dip). Greek tomato and feta cheese of course. Maybe some keftedakia (meat balls), gigantes (large beans in tomato sauce), dolmas, and the Greek sausage known as loukaniko. And finally the roast lamb or goat with oven roasted potatoes, and horta!

Take a look at some of these delicious dishes here:

All of this will be enjoyed with Greek red and white wines, and thee are many good Greek wines, as well as ouzo and raki.

As you can imagine this is a long slow meal to be enjoyed along with the fine company of family and friends!

Kalo Pasca!