Stamford Connecticut


Beehive of activity. I-95 running through it, and the traffic will drive you insane! But a melting pot and a very genteel melting pot at that!

Restaurants, nightlife, businesses galore…surrounded by lovely neighborhoods with churches aplenty!

Golf, tennis, boating! It’s all there. And plenty more I am sure.

Leave the car at home and ride the Metro-North to Manhattan. A good connection!

But Connecticut it is…and I mean beautiful Fairfield County! Drive Rte 106 to New Canaan and you’ll see how beautiful it can be. Or drift up towards the Merritt Parkway then wander towards Greenwich. And you’ll see how beautiful it can be! But downtown Stamford will never be far away, and it has much to offer!

Ahhh, Connecticut in summertime! They say summer is short and the weather can be bad in winter…but I can’t imagine it!

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